Developed content control and leveraged greater value from a publications library of over 75,000 law reports dating from 1865

The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales (ICLR) is the official publisher of law reports established by the legal profession in 1865 specifically to produce their premier series The Law Reports. They are the preferred choice of judges as citations in court: see Judgments: Form and Citation (Supreme Court) [2001] 1 WLR 194.

MintoGordon was brought in to the ICLR to look at ways whereby the ICLR could get control of their content back in-house, reduce the dependency on third-party suppliers and leverage greater value from their law reports and associated indexes, including their archive of over 75,000 law reports.

MintoGordon designed and implemented an XML workflow for the five different series of law reports published by ICLR. This workflow means that 34 Court Reporters, sitting in the higher and appellate courts, now author directly into XML and this XML is maintained throughout the editorial and remaining publishing process for both the print and online channels. The net result is that ICLR now:

  • has greater control over its content and significantly reduced dependency on 3rd party suppliers
  • leverages greater value from its core law reports content
  • has reduced risks to the integrity of its data and
  • has a much more efficient publishing process

In the second phase of the project, MintoGordon headed up the development of an online platform for ICLR; subscribers to the service can now access the full range of ICLR content, including the now databased indexed material of cases reported and judicially considered.

The same XML law reports used in the print publishing process are seamlessly uploaded to the ICLR’s online subscription platform.