Information technology in itself is not a silver bullet, it is a facilitator. Most importantly, its design and deployment should be sympathetic to the overall strategic aims of the organisation

From a completely outsourced, managed service for your content to the development of an inhouse publishing workflow – and everything in between – MintoGordon can help to ensure that your organisation’s content strategy aligns with its longer-term business objectives.


  • Authoring of:
    • technical manuals
    • process guides
    • product user guides
  • Managed service providing access to technical authors and translation experts
  • Complete outsourcing service for all your documentation requirements, from authoring to content hosting


  • Development of a content strategy
  • Analysis of current content and information modelling
  • Implementation of DITA workflows
  • Training on XML authoring tools such as Oxygen and Arbortext Editor

MintoGordon specializes in DITA XML, a topic-based approach to documentation.

DITA (Darwinian Information Type Architecture) is a well-established open XML-based architecture which facilitates the creation of modular content (‘topics’) which can be reused in the same or different publications. One version of the content, multiple output formats. This modular content, in conjunction with DITA XML maps, facilitates true single source publishing with all its attendant benefits.